Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Preparing for questions over the holidays.

Todd Wilson doesn't know this yet, but he helped me get through our recent forclosure.  Regardless, he's a blast and has the gift of making you laugh and feel convicted at the same time!  Here's his recent piece from The Homeschool Minute email from  BTW, I think I prefer answer #5 !!  ;-)

The Familyman

Todd Wilson, Familyman Ministries

The way I see it, you have only a few options when dealing with the unavoidable homeschool questions that well-meaning Aunt Bertha asks every Thanksgiving AND Christmas.
  1. Pretend that you don't hear her and hope she goes away.
  2. Act like you're choking on a turkey bone and hope that in all the commotion she forgets what she just asked.
  3. Take the bold approach, stand your ground, and say in a commanding voice, "Yeah, we're still homeschooling, you old busy body . . . what's it to ya?
  4. Smile pleasantly and make comments about the food . . . "My goodness, Jane's noodles are tender this year . . . Did you ever taste such creamy potatoes?"
  5. Before she can ask about homeschooling, beat her to the punch line: "So is your daughter still sending her children to that pagan institute that is Hell-bent on her destruction?"
  6. Or better yet, just answer her questions, confident that you're doing what God would have you do. Don't feel like it's your job to convince her (or them) of all the benefits. Just answer the questions and let your children be the PROOF. They'll see the difference.
Note to dads: Dad, it's your job to be a knight-in-shining-armor and protect your sweet damsel from dragonish relatives. Stand up, take the brunt of the questions, and let your wife hide behind you.


Be REAL and don't whitewash the cold, hard facts,







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