Saturday, December 12, 2015

Jesse who?

Oh, Jesse tree. Oh, Jesse tree...

You hear a lot about doing a Jesse tree this time of year. You know what you don't hear a lot about? 


We know he's the son of Obed which makes him the grandson of Boaz and Ruth (yes, that Ruth). We know he's the father of David and grandfather of Solomon. He's surrounded by big names of the Bible.

But who is he?

We don't know.

These have been my ponderings during our Advent reading. Here are some of my thoughts and findings.

He wasn't used to the limelight. After all, it was a big surprise to those living in Bethlehem when Samuel came to town. Samuel had to assure them, "Peaceably; I have come to sacrifice to the Lord" (I Samuel 16:5). 

We do know from this passage, however, that he seemed to be a man of God trying to raise godly children because when Samuel spoke, Jesse and his crew were consecrated and ready to sacrifice.

He didn't even seem to be a big fish in a small pond because David even questioned his ability to marry the king's daughter because after all, " my father's family in Israel..." (I Samuel 18:18). I come from common stock. I'm not a somebody or celebrity (yet). 

He didn't know one of his sons would become king and obviously wasn't riding on his grandparents' laurels.  He was just a normal guy. Raising his family of hunky sons. Minding his business. Serving the Lord. 

He was like me in many ways. While I didn't have a godly heritage like he did, I'm just a normal wife and mother. Rearing a daughter and tending a husband. Taking care of my home and serving the Lord.

I don't know what God has for my daughter just like Jesse didn't know about his son's future. He was just quietly faithful. Just like I should strive to be. 

Who is Jesse?

One of us.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Funny--Political motherhood

When you have sons sitting on either side of the aisle, you are still their mother!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Monday, December 1, 2014

I'm Heartbroken

This weekend was heartbreaking.

Saturday morning I spent a short time with a friend at church. Mija played with her three daughters while she and I attended to our task at hand and chatted with other moms and dads present.

Little did she know that by the time she got home she would be a widow. 

The how and whys are not my story to tell. In fact, we are only assuming the why until the medical examiner says for sure.

We only know that it was sudden and unexpected.

Another friend who went up to the hospital to be with her said she was amazed at my friend's grace and composure in the situation. The grace and faith in which she explained to her three daughters (10, 8, and 5) that their father was now with the Lord he loved was amazing to say the least.

But her walk of faith only started there. Th witness of her faith continued as she and her daughters walked, weeping, into church this morning. 

Yes, they came to church because she said that is where they were supposed to be. It was heart-wrenching to here the crying in the back of the church during singing, but a blessing to here the quiet while they were ministered to through the preaching of the Word and see the love and hugs of her church family. 

They were one of the many unique homeschool families. My friend works outside the home while her husband stayed home to school the girls. He was a great father and always willing to help in our homeschool group. It was a blessing to see another homeschool dad there in addition to my hubby.

My friend owns her own business which is closely affiliated to a major motor manufacturer here in town. If she does not work, she does not get paid and there is no one else to do it. She thinks she is only going to able to take a week off.

She has already expressed her concern with the girls' schooling. I and several others have assured her that her girls are going to continue to be homeschooled. It would not be the first time I loaded up mija and our schoolwork and take them to another's house that needed help schooling during a family crisis. We do not know what it is going to look like right now, but we have a week to figure it out.

As much as I grieve and pray for my friend, what her husband is experiencing. I cannot imagine what how great the presence of Jesus is that it can wipe away any regret he might have about not being with his "four gorgeous women." 

Please pray for my friends.