Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blast from the Past--Call me, Sherah---Destroyer of Mice!

I am so thankful we no longer live in the house mentioned below!!

Call me, Sherah--Destroyer of Mice
Originally posted March 21, 2013
I really don’t like mice.
Before we got married, my husband used to have pet rodents of different varieties. I told him he could have rodents or a wife. Since he’s my husband, it’s pretty obvious that I won that battle
We lived in a mobile home once with mice. I woke up one morning to see blood on top of my stove with a little tail trail running off into the burners. My husband explained (remember, he had been a rodent person) that two male mice probably got into battle over territory. All I could think of were the Jets and the Sharks from West Side Story.
Depiction of the possible fight scene on top of my stove.
Well, the house we are living in now has mice. Usually, it's my husband's job to deal with it, but last Thursday, he was working a 12-hour shift. I had to make the "mouse call".
First, mija let me know that there was a mouse stuck to one of the sticky mouse traps. I took a deep breath but knew I could handle it. All I would have to do is pick up the sticky paper, put it in a bag, and take it out to the big trash can.
But what I found made me stop and reckon.
For demonstration purposes only
That's right. The mouse was stuck on top of the mouse cord. There was a mouse on the mouse...or a mouse under the mouse depending on your perspective. 
My first thought was to just throw the whole thing away.
But, no. I took the bull by the horns, or in this case, the mouse by the cord and slowly slid the cord out from under the mouse. The mouse was very small, so I had to be careful not to dislodge the mouse...the animal not the computer part. The real challenge came when I had to slide the USB plug underneath. I was holding it over the big trash can just in case, but I DID IT!  I removed the mouse from the mouse! 
Okay, so mija accidentally spelled tea all over the mouse (computer part not animal) later in the the day resulting in the the mouse being thrown away in the end, but the victory was still mine.
I was on a high. So that night, I was ready to take on the mouse in the stove. Yup, deja vu. Mice in stove number two.
I was working at the computer doing taxes and started seeing the mouse sneak out from under the burner and look around. Testing the waters. I was really surprised by how fast that little thing could move. First, popping out from one burner and then under another burner within seconds. Then I saw this:
Reenactment. Not the actual stove or the actual mice.
There were two mice in the stove. The way they were popping up and down reminded me strongly of the "Whack a Mole" game at Chuck E. Cheese.

I was already ticked about one, but two was too much!

Well, I brought the trash can out beside the counter, grabbed an oven mitt in one hand and my Tupperware colander in the other, and waited. I waited until one of them had traveled to the far end of the counter and made my move. It didn't go quite as I had planned.

I made it to the counter before it made it to the stove. I slammed down the colander and actually hit the mouse across the back with the edge. I flipped it onto the floor and covered it with the colander.
A similar colander acting like it's on the floor covering up the half dead mouse.
Whew! It happened quicker than I could type it. 
I gently lifted the colander to see a dying mouse instead of an attempted escapee. I must have broken it's back when I hit it. I scooped it up in a bag and threw it away.
Tada!! I was so proud of myself both times! I definitely overcame some big challenges by dealing with little things. Some more battles won!
Just call me, Sherah, Destroyer of Mice!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Hiatus AKA...

I will be taking a forced summer hiatus AKA I need a new laptop.

In case you missed it, my laptop was brutally murdered by a water balloon although my husband insists that it was accidental manslaughter.

Regardless, while I do have a tablet to check email and FB, blogging and writing are left to a few hours hit and miss at the library.

So, for that reason, I will be re-posting some of my favorites from the past and occasionally putting something new a bunch of reviews I need to get up!

I hope you enjoy my blasts from the past and pray for me to get a new computer!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Review: The Perfect Score Project: Uncovering the Secrets of the SAT

Back when I went to high school things like the SAT and the ACT where not a big deal. I think I took the ACT and no, I don't remember my score.

Apparently things have changed dramatically. The SAT is very important. So much so, in fact, Debbie Stier, the author of The Perfect Score Project, took the test SEVEN times to prepare herself to help her son with the SAT.

<a href="">The Perfect Score Project: Uncovering the Secrets of the SAT</a><img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />In this book, Debbie Stier, who works in the publishing industry, writes of her family journey and her research into and practice for the SAT. Throughout the narrative she includes practical notes on taking the SAT.

My daughter is a year off from middle school age, so I will definitely keep this on my shelf for later. Even so, there were a few points from the book I find useful even now:
  • Tricks on a test cannot make up for a poor foundation in a subject.
  • Deliberate practice makes a difference and is not what most of us do when we practice. We need to practice those things we do not know not what we do know.
  • Do not delegate the authority of your teens over to their peers. Parents/family need to stay the center of your teen's life.
If you want to have a resource of ideas about preparing for the SAT, this is a really good, practical book. If you would like an interesting, non-fiction read, this is a good choice especially since it is written as a narrative. If you want a parenting book, this is not it.

Find out more about the SAT and The Perfect Score Project on the website or Facebook page.

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review. The review also has affiliate links.

Last Day for Jamberry Giveaway!

Virginia Luca Campbell's photo.My Jamberry giveaway ends tonight (Tuesday) at 11:59 PM.
Don't miss out on possibly winning some Jamberries of you very own!" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday--UGH! My daughter is growing up!!

This is basically a cathartic piece with some hope of encouraging comments from those of you who are going through or have gone through this before.

My daughter is getting older and I'm not sure if I like it (or ready for it, for that matter!). I will present the evidence.

First, she's starting to smell. I remember being a classroom teacher and having those fourth, fifth, or sixth graders come back from recess. Ooowee. Smelly little bodies.
Well, that is starting to be mija. Sometimes she will come up and throw herself around me in a hug and there it is. A big whiff of BO.

Being me and always trying to keep her prepared for the upcoming changes in her body, I mentioned that deodorant will be in her future.
Well, that future was Sunday morning! She asked to put on deodorant before church. {sigh}

Second, she's having dreams about boys. I woke her up the other day and she said, "I want to finish my dream." Well, turns out the dream was about "Jack", a character on a TV show she watches. Well, at least he is a nice looking kid, so she's got some taste, but really? Dreaming about a boy?

Third, she keeps looking for a reason to wear a beginner bra. Her cousin passes on clothes to mija and the last batch contained some beginner bras. Now to tell you the truth, I know they are coming. I had the occasion to rub some essential oils on her chest and I could feel a different texture in the chest area, but definitely nothing "developing" as it were. She's diligent in looking however.

You know I go harness free as much as possible, so putting a bra on her is going to wait as long as possible.

Fourth, she wants to start her period. You read that right. Even after living her whole life with a mom with "lady issues" she wants to start. I can't remember what had proceeded the comment, but last week she sat in the middle of the floor and said, "I wish I would start my period, so I could be a woman." This statement was accentuated by a flourish of curvy arm movements demonstrating a woman's shape. Really?

I'm thankful that she understands what a period is and is not afraid of it. HOWEVER, I had to comment that while a period might mean you body was turning into a woman, the heart and mind had to develop a lot more before you could become a godly woman.

Do you see what I mean? This is crazy stuff. And I haven't even mentioned the attitude!

Here, I'm posting some pictures back when she was young and innocent.

There, I feel better now.

Any advice or consolation you can leave, would be wonderful!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Have you heard of Jamberries?---and giveaway!

Sorry I've been absent. A water balloon killed my laptop! And the warranty is expired, so I'm sitting here at the library!

I've recently discovered a new thing that I find really cool. In fact, I'm having an online party and you're invited.
Wondering what Jamberry Nail wraps are?? They are vinyl nail wraps applied with heat and pressure! No chemicals, and they last 2 weeks on hands and 4 on toes! I love them! No dry time, no chips!
Virginia Luca Campbell's photo.

I'm going to let my friend, Ginny, tell you more about them!

Virginia Luca Campbell's photo.
Here are some mommy and Jr. designs for
girls 8 and under.
Jamberry Nails are an innovative vinyl wrap that adheres to your nail (natural, acrylics, gels) through heat & pressure! They will last up to 2 weeks on your fingers & 6 weeks on your toes. No chipping, smudging, or dry time! With over 300 designs, including ones for little girls, there is truly something for everyone!!

This is an ONLINE party and will be open until May 26th, but no need to wait; as soon as you place your order, you should receive it at your home in 7-10 days!! Feel free to invite your friends to the "party" as well. The more, the merrier!

Hey party Guests! I have our first game to get started!!! 

Party Points! Lots of ways to earn points to get drawings for a free sheet of Jamberry nail wraps!! Check it out!

Keep track as we go along! 

My Facebook page is: will be playing games and giving out prizes, so make sure to check in often so you don‘t miss anything!!!

Ordering is easy! This party is ONLINE, so you can order anytime day or night! Head on over to Betsy's party website and have fun shopping!
Don’t forget to take advantage of our BUY 3, GET 1 FREE SPECIAL!

Shop here and choose Betsy's Jamberry Jamboree Party at check out!

I wish I could post pictures of my fingers, but it's not working here at the library.

Here is a picture of one of my friend's before using one Jamberry and Sally Henson polish. And after...not even a whole week since she could stand it no longer!
Photo: My friend Ginny Virginia Campbell gave me a sample of the Jamberry nail wraps she sells at Let's see how the hold up compared to my Sally Hanson polish!Photo: Here's how the Jamberry wraps held up vs. my regular polish. It hasn't been a week, but it's all I can stand. See Ginny Campbell for more info.

Come play on my Facebook party and I'd love for you to order.

AND here's you chance to actually win some!
My friend Jamberry Ginny is offering you a great deal!

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Funny---Bible Story

This has been around a few weeks, but I keep watching it because I think it's a hoot!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday--Miley Cyrus and a Mother: What They Have in Common

My friends definitely questioned my topic. Miley Cyrus? Should we really compare ourselves to Miley Cyrus? Sure there are others who would be better to emulate. 

Of course!

I did not say we should strive to be like Miley Cyrus. It is just, unfortunately, there are things we sometimes have in common with her. See if you agree:

T—Tongue. Miley has become known for sticking out her tongue. We moms may not stick out tongues out, but we moms definitely sometimes use it to say things that are not as loving as it could be. (Proverbs 31:26)

W—Wrecking Ball. Miley sure has taken a wrecking ball to her once bright future. Sometimes we take a wrecking ball to our children with our words and actions. This is especially true when are frustrated or down right angry. (Romans 15:1-2)

E—Entertainment. Miley grew up in the entertainment industry ever since her dad had an “achy-breaky heart” back in the 90s. Sometimes we allow entertainment to become a way of life. Because of our choices (or lack of choices) we find our children quoting Harry Potter more than the Scripture. They may spend more time beating their high score than working on their AWANA verses. How hours are spent on Doctor Who instead of listening to Christian music or a recorded message? (Philippians 4:8)

R—Religious. Yup, Miley is a Christian supposedly. She was baptized, attending church regularly, wore a purity ring, et al ad nauseum. Now look at her. There is no evidence of spiritual fruit. Most of us say we are Christians; that we have a relationship with Christ. While we may not go to the extremes Miley has, sometimes we find ourselves leaving behind our spiritual relationship for a religious facade which provides no support for our children or ourselves. (Ephesians 4:17-24)

K—Kid. Miley is still a kid. There is nothing mature in her actions or attitudes. Having a major focus on only oneself and one’s desire is just like a kid, and Miley does it big time. The difference is her selfish emphasis are all based in, well, very base things. Moms may not go Miley’s extreme, but sometimes we can be pretty self-focused like a kid. Whether it is our “right to a full night’s sleep” or our “need for me time,” we sometimes focus on ourselves more than we should. (I Corinthians 14:20)

Okay, so it is only sometimes mothers are like Miley Cyrus…thankfully. I told you we definitely do not strive to be like her, but when we do not strive to be like Jesus, we sometimes end up acting like her. 

Let’s keep striving for the real goal, moms! Not that of pop icon but a follower of the Rock! 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Today IS Cinco de Mayo!

Last September I wrote this piece about Mexican Independence Day, but it is informative about what Cinco de Mayo is and some possible things to add to today.

Today is NOT Cinco de Mayo

I just wanted to make sure that point was clear. Today is Mexican Independence Day, however.
A lot of people think that Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) is Mexican Independence Day because it is a big ta-doo here in the United States.
In Mexico, however, Cinco de Mayo is a regional holiday not a national holiday. It commemorates the day a rag-tag group of Mexican farmers defeated the proud and professional French troops at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Today, in Mexico, it is celebrated in the state of Puebla. Here in the United States, it has become a day to celebrate Mexican heritage and culture.
That is why a lot of people get confused.
Get the rest of the information and ideas HERE.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day Flowers

Today our homeschool group is taking May Baskets to a nursing home our church has been ministering to. I thought I would share with you the two kinds of flowers we made!

One is the traditional tissue paper flower made with tissue paper and chenille stems.
Here is a video showing the basics of how we made them. The only difference is we only used 3 pieces of tissue and didn't trim the edges.

The other kind of flower was easier to make but not quite as attractive as when I saw it on Pinterest because I forgot to tell the kids to turn the paper the other way!
Here's the original pin I got the idea from in case you want to do it right!

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