Monday, September 29, 2014

My first 49th birthday

Birthday Cake FlamesThis weekend I celebrated my first 49th birthday. I specify first because I have a friend who had her second 39th birthday the day before mine. 

Looking forward to the upcoming year is scary, intimidating. I want it to be hopeful and successful, but I've failed so many times. I just really desire that by the time I celebrate my second 49th birthday, I can face the remaining half of my life in physical, mental, and spiritual achievements which I have never experienced before. 

What I need to focus on this year seems really daunting AND really imperative.

In the meantime, here is a pick from my celebration.

First, my husband took Saturday and Sunday night off, so it was really nice to spend the time with him.

Mija had a friend's birthday party to attend. While she was there, hubby and I took the time for a quick coffee date. It was really nice.
We had a drink call Headrush it has a quad among other things, so needless to say, we were wired for the rest of the evenings activities.

We picked up some grub and snacks and headed to the drive-in! It's a small local drive-in but has one of the best screens in the country. It is better than blue-ray even. It also is kind of classic because it still has a playground under the screen and played the National Anthem when both movies were over.
Mija hadn't been to the drive-in for awhile, so she had a hard time understanding we didn't need to choose a movie; we got both!

However, mija evidently partied hardy too much earlier in the day, so within 15 minutes of the second show she was like this...
Yup, car hood was the bed and front window was a pillow. 

Definitely keeping this photo for future blackmail usage!

Had a very pleasant day and felt well loved with all the birthday wishes on FB, too!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Integrating Science into other Subjects

Find out how I integrate science...
I have written before about Ways NOT to Teach a Science Lesson. Today, however, I want to encourage you to teach science. But, I want you to teach it with a different subject.

Integrating science with other subjects shows how they relate.

Science is not just something extra we learn but is part of our hobbies, our history, and our daily lives.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Yesterday: The first day of fifth grade--clothes and oils

Yesterday mija started the fifth grade!

She got to shop for a back-to-school outfit at Justice. I know. I am one awesome mom!

Our other new school addition is Vetiver essential oil. Vetiver, along with Cedarwood, has been studied as an aid for ADD/ADHD. While mija has neither, she still has a short attention span and is easily distractable. We decided to give it a try. 

Yesterday went really well after rubbing it on her big toes. That's right. The big toes are where the brain is located on the foot. We rubbed it on a few time throughout the day. We really knocked things out.

Today school started with my hubby teaching math and science with NO vetiver. It was the usual distractions with many reminders to focus. I'll take over after lunch and AFTER VETIVER and see if there is a difference.

I'll see how it goes after a few weeks of Vetiver and let you know.

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