Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Funny--The Nutcracker

Since we are in the midst of our Nutcracker madness this week and weekend, I thought I'd dust off this great piece from Familyman Ministries which I shared about a year ago. Well worth it!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Personalized iPhone Cover Deal---Christmas Present

What a great Christmas gift! A personalized iPhone cover!
Use any photo you want!
$9.99 is 50% off the regular price and you'd get it in time for Christmas.
Shipping starts at $5.52, so you can get the case and have it shipped for less than the full price you'd normally pay!
Check it out!

Parenting and Homeschooling in the News

Here are some recent articles I've come across.

A 'sad statement' of parent's rights

Parents in Ontario, Canada apparently have no right to learn what their children are being taught about homosexuality.
A situation occurred in Hamilton, Ontario during a recent assembly led by the Gay-Straight Alliance -- an event which is required in the schools. Laura Wolfson, who identified herself as a lesbian and youth worship leader at a synagogue, was the guest speaker.

Read the rest HERE.

Kenya to outlaw homeschooling?
Kenyan parents' days of being able to educate their own children as they see fit may be coming to a close. In a last-minute desperation call, homeschool parents contacted the Virginia-based Home School Legal Defense Association for help to protect their age-old right.
Read the rest HERE.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday

CurrClickDid you fight with the crowds on Black Friday? How about saving money at home on homeschool today on Cyber Monday?
Currclick is have a Cyber Monday sale that even has freebies. Thousands of items are up to 75% off and then there are 10 freebies! Stop by for the freebies if nothing else!

This is an affiliate link, so you finding some great deals is definitely a win-win! ;-)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ten Turkeys in Ten Days--The Finale

Guess what? We ended up with ELEVEN turkeys in ten days!

Two of them were painted yesterday, so we didn't finish them until today. We threw in one more for good measure since I had printed the pages for it. We had a hectic day, so we waited until this evening after the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special.

The first one from yesterday was a hat! I have it pinned here. I knew it wouldn't actually fit us since it originally only fit a toddler, but I just had to make it. I cut them a little narrow, so they didn't stand up quite as well. 
I think they are still cute, however!
Then mija had an idea for a turkey she wanted to make. I didn't want to hog the turkey spotlight, so we went for it!
That made ten, but were we finished? No way. Bring on the classic TP roll turkey. Originally we just going to do it all on our own, but I found sheets to color and cut at and it's even one of their free items! My hubby jumped in and made one of these, too.
Thanks for joining us on this turkey journey! Hope you played along. Have a great Thanksgiving.

We're done!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Need some help with my articles

I love the opportunity to sit around with a group of women I love and admire and spend time chatting about the things of faith, family, and fun. Iron sharpens iron. Well, I can't do that with you all, so I'm asking you to grab a cup of tea or coffee, sit down at your computer, and chat back to me on my blog or Facebook.

I have some articles due to Eternal Encouragement by January 1st. I have the basic concepts and ideas for these articles and other articles, but would love some additional ideas from you. Comment. Comment. Comment! 
I may use your idea or verse. I may not use it. I may use it as a springboard for the thought that I do use. Comment. Comment. Comment!

Thought #1

Lipstick on your teeth.

Women make upYou know when you have lipstick on your teeth, people behave differently. Some just ignore it. Others obviously notice it, but don't tell you. Finally, there are those who just tell you.
Or what about when the tag is showing in the back of your blouse. Sometimes people tell you and sometimes they just tuck it in for you. 
What makes the difference? 

What does each response mean? Is there acceptance? Nonacceptance? Correction? Encouragement? Judgement? Service?
Trust me; I don't think there are any set motives or reasoning, but I do think there can be some general principles. What do you think?

Thought # 2
God's Kingdom in your Castle
My pastor was teaching about the kingdom of God in church the other day. One of the verses he mentioned was Romans 14:17.
 For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking but of righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.
How does that play out in your home? What is it to live righteously, peacefully and joyfully? What verses would remind you or help you to put those elements of kingdom living in place?

PrayThought #3
Praying Scripture for your children
I think one of the coolest ways to pray for your children (or anyone for that matter) is to pray Scripture over them. You know the prayers are in the will of God if it's something Paul or somebody else prayed in the Scripture. Have you prayed that way before? If so, what passages have you used in praying.

Well, that a start. Please, please, please, give me some input and comments! My mind is spinning with all these ideas!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ten Turkeys in Ten Days--Turkeys 5-8

I'm back on track! I'm cheating a little, but we're back on track. 

If you recall, last week I was ill, so we got behind in our Ten Turkeys in Ten Days. Thanks to Drop 'n Date and Sunday school, mija made two turkeys this weekend at church. I'm counting them!
One is a colored plate with a turkey and her memory verse for Sunday school. The other is similar to the Tootsie Pop turkeys we made last year.

That brought the total up to six turkeys. Today we made two turkeys which brings us up to date!

First, we made mixed media turkeys using magazine pages cut in half for the tail feathers.
We used two "head/body" shapes. One we laid horizontal to give a fuller body and wing look. Then we glued the other one vertical for the head.
Old 10 Pin
Bowling Pin
I don't want to assume you know how to make a head/body shape. You can either use a fat figure-eight or infinity symbol or a bowling pin shape with a little big fatter head than an actual pin. Get the idea?
Infinity Symbol

Our second turkey was also made from Pinterest, but ours is much improved in my opinion!  Snow flake Turkeys
I will show you the original and ours, so you can see the difference with your own eyes!

Cute but boring. Plain paper for the tail and no body. Here are ours.
We used a full-sized magazine page which gave us our color. We added an actual body and head. 
We both attached our body and tail differently, but I think it looks cute either way. 

So, mija has now actually competed eight turkeys in eight days. One more tomorrow and one on Wednesday and our mission will be complete!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Celebration of Life

Our Saturday was quite full. Mija's day was full of ballet practice because The Nutcracker is only two weeks off. My hubby and I had a full day of travel and celebrating life.

We had a friend die of lung cancer a few weeks ago, and the Celebration of Life service was scheduled for this past Saturday. Many may call it a memorial service and there is nothing wrong with that. They chose to call it the Celebration of Life because they wanted to celebrate Frank's life and the life he had in Jesus Christ.

As we were driving the three hours to get to the service, I considered what I would say about Frank if I shared. I realized I had three F's about Frank.

Fun--Whatever Frank was, he was a hoot. I can't remember a time when he didn't give me a hard time. Sledding on snow with inner-tubes. Hillbilly. Games. Loud. Never a dull moment.

Family--Even blessed with a second family to raise. The thing is not only his family was his family. Anyone he came into contact with became his family. Even this woman whether single or married. Never felt like and intrusion in their home. Always went out of the way if a "family" member needed help including changing a tie rod in an unheated garage during temperatures in the teens about an hour away from his home.

Faith--You always knew where Frank stood with God. His study and life-walk made him insightful. Encouraging in others walks and evangelizing those he came into contact with. He was so encouraging and supportive when my hubby and I were on deputation for the mission field.  

I didn't share at the service, but what was so cool was that everyone who did share dealt with the same three topics. Silly grandpa, crazy Uncle Frank, hillbilly. Not taking a job with NASA because he didn't want to move away from  family. A son who's family now fosters because of the example his father set in including everyone in his family. A man who wrestled with God and recognized and was thankful that God won. A man who enjoyed the captive audience he had on the 2 1/2 hour bus ride to get his chemo treatments. He spent that time sharing the gospel. 

Over and over, the same three facets shone through his life. How cool is that? To be so real in who you are that everyone sees the same things in your life? No masks or roles. Just real.

And I wonder if among the things I'm remembered will be fun, family, and faith? What a blessing.

Definitely want my life and especially my Lord to be celebrated when I graduate! I still think I want to have a deejay and dance floor though.

Blessed that I could celebrate Frank's life and Lord on Saturday.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Ten Turkeys in Ten Days--Day 5 doing turkeys 3 & 4

Yup, I'm behind, but not for lack of trying.  I became ill and didn't do ANYTHING from Tuesday evening until this morning. It wasn't until this afternoon that I actually had a sense of purpose!

So, today we actually made two turkeys. One which mija could make easily by herself and one that wasn't too hard once I could focus more.

The first was just a color, cut, and glue sheet, but she enjoyed the "independent" aspect.

You can find the Pinterest link HERE.

The second turkey we made today was a turkey wreath. Here's a link to the Pinterest Pin which gave me the idea.

We made ours a little different. We used 1 x 3 inch strips for our loops instead of the 1 x 6 inch loops recommended. We also used googly eyes.
We hung mine on the newly-dubbed turkey wall.

We hung mija's on the front door with the string leaves we made last week
Now, on to turkey anatomy.
For a loooong time, I have been calling the red, floppy piece that hangs down from above the turkey's beak the wattle. BUT THAT IS WRONG.
The piece that hangs down over the nose is called the snood. The wattle hangs under it's neck.

See, one of the joys of home education is the ongoing education of the parents! 

Friday Funny--Thanksgiving Turkey Style

In honor of my Ten Turkeys in Ten Days, I will share a turkey funny!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

To Bee or not to Bee...various Bees & Bowls I've heard of

There are actually many different bees around. I thought I'd share a few. 

Of course, there is the Scripps National Spelling Bee.--Registration and local bees happening now.

National Bible Bee--During the summer

National Geographic Bee--School bees going on now

National History Bee--Registration going on now.

Numbers Bee--online math tournament

How about some Bowls?

Do you know of any Bees or Bowls I've missed? Please share!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ten Turkeys in Ten Days--Day 2

Here is day 2 in my Ten Turkeys in Ten Days personal challenge. Today, my hubby participated in the turkey making. What a cool daddy!

This one wasn't on my original post. I found it afterwards, but it is posted on my Thanksgiving Pinterest board.

Here's the pin:

The Daddy Turkey

The Mommy Turkey
The Mija Turkey

What I really thought was cool was the family aspect of the hand prints which makes this a great keepsake!

Birthday Cake--Pinterest-style

While this week is mija's birthday, we celebrated on Saturday since The Nutcracker rehearsal is hogging the schedule. She didn't mind getting cake, ice cream, and gifts early!

I actually used the opportunity to use three...yes, three...of my pins from Pinterest! Here are the pins I used.

I didn't follow the recipe on cake, only the method to make a rainbow cake. I only used 4 colors and I didn't switch the colors around.

The basic recipe for this frosting is the classic fruit dip...marshmallow fluff and cream cheese, so you know it tastes good. The difference is a little bit of vanilla. I even was able to put it in a bag and pipe shell work and such with it. I wouldn't recommend it for heavy duty decorating, however.

Because the picture was so small, I actually cheated and purchased the tubes of icing just to save me time. I actually found Wilton tubes cheaper and larger than the Betty Crocker tubes at the grocery store. Two things I recommend after doing this. First, select a cake that can handle a larger picture. My picture was less than a 4 x 6 which made detailing VERY challenging. Second, don't use the Wilton Sparkle Gel. It doesn't freeze which means it doesn't come up neatly when you pull up the wax paper. 

Here was my final product.
Twilight Dash
As I mentioned, it being small was a challenge and the use of gel messed it up some, but on the whole, you can tell it was a pony. The eyes and the cutie mark suffered the most. Mija thought it was cool regardless.

Here is the whole cake. 
Twilight Dash looks better from a distance!
I left the frosting unsmoothed. I thought it looked more "marshmallow-y" that way. 
Now for the piece de resistance which made everyone wonder how I did it...
I didn't prettify it before I took the photo, but you can see it worked awesome!

And most importantly, the birthday girl thought I was, in her words, artistic, a cake decorator, and talented! This mommy rocked the party.

Oh, yes. She had pink hair. She wanted to look like Pinkie Pie.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 1 of Ten Turkeys in Ten Days

I posted about my attempt to make Ten Turkeys in Ten Days. I picked them from my Pinterest Thanksgiving Board and have even added more!

Today's selection was:

I had a bag of 15 bean soup mix and popcorn for our materials. We chose to make it on a plate just because they had. We also drew legs.
Here's our finished projects:

Turkey day one complete!

Thanksgiving is not for the weak....It's only for a day!

Everyone getting ready for Thanksgiving next week? Remember, I'm going to be starting 10 Turkeys in 10 Days today.

In the meantime, check out my usual Thanksgiving dilemma over at Home Educating Family. I'm posted a week early. Check it out HERE

Thanksgiving Is not for the Weak
Courtesy of HEFBlog

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Funny--Ballet

We're heading into Nutcracker overload, so I thought this would be perfect!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Personalized Christmas Cards--30 flat or 20 folded for only $10

Shipping is free on this deal. Add your own photo and messages. This is a cool deal! Expires Nov. 9, so hurry!!

Ten Turkey Crafts in Ten Days

Starting Monday, November 12, I will undertake a monumental task never before undertaken by this homeschooling mama.

We will make 10...count them...10...different turkey crafts in time for Thanksgiving!

I will post the finished product each day.

Here are some of the ones I'm considering.

Snowflake Turkey

Color and Paste Turkey

Turkey Puppet

Hand Print Turkey

Leaf Turkey

Pine Cone Turkey

Bean and Pasta Turkey

Round Turkey

Turkey Pop

Fingerprint Turkey

TP Roll and Paper Plate Turkey

Paper Loop Turkey

Mixed Media Turkey

Spice Handprint

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