Friday, December 3, 2010

Abigail Adams

This is from the Nov. 24 program of Home School Heartbeat by the HSLDA.

Abigail Adams

No history of early American heroes would be complete without mentioning the women who dedicated their time to raising and educating their children, many of whom became the leaders of our country. Today on Home School Heartbeat, Mike Farris tells the story of one such woman: Abigail Adams, a homeschooling mother of five.

Michael Farris:

Abigail Adams was the wife of John Adams, our second president. Abigail was the second of four children, born to the Reverend William and Elizabeth Quincy. Although Abigail never attended a formal school, she was educated at home by her grandmother. This education enabled her to teach her own children at home, including her son John Quincy Adams, the sixth U.S. president.

Abigail Adams is credited with having a notable influence on the long and distinguished career of her husband, accompanying him on his diplomatic missions to Europe and advising him by letter while she remained in Massachusetts managing family affairs. She was also renowned for her strong opinions, especially her federalist political views.

Like many homeschooling mothers today, Abigail Adams sacrificed much of her time and energy to the upbringing and education of her children. While her husband John traveled as a circuit judge, Abigail was solely responsible for managing the farm and teaching her children.

When we think back on the founding of our country, we must not forget women like Abigail Adams, whose dedication to her family allowed her husband and her son to serve their country at the highest level. This is Michael Farris.


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