Monday, February 14, 2011

A Shock to the System

This was from the February 14, 2011 edition of Teaching God's World Newsletter.

A Shock to the System

ape man evolutionBRANDYWINE, Pennsylvania--Teachers who teach that evolution is only a theory "are not teaching science." So says Francis Eberle, executive director of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA).

He is reacting to the results of a survey done by professors at Penn State University. The survey received responses from about a thousand public school biology teachers around the country.

About 60 percent of those teachers said they do not take a strong stand on the evolution/creation issue in their classes. Another 13 percent said they actually advocate creationism or intelligent design in class.

The rest, less than 30 percent, said they strongly teach evolution as fact.

The survey's results disturb those who deny the Creator. Dr. Eberle says teachers who don't push evolution simply "don't understand what is science."

The Penn State profs who did the survey say it's because those teachers "lack the knowledge." They say all U.S. college students preparing to be teachers should be required by law to take evolution courses.

The NSTA is the largest science teaching organization in the world. It says the reason many teachers don't strongly push evolution is because they are victims of "intimidation" and "censorship" by creationists.

The NSTA calls creationism "nonscientific" and "pseudoscience." The LiveScience news service agrees that creationism is not "evidence-based."

The survey's answers contradict the NSTA's official claim that "there is no longer a debate among scientists about whether evolution has taken place."

This is what the LORD says- . . . It is I who made the earth and created mankind upon it. My own hands stretched out the heavens; I marshaled their starry hosts. -- Isaiah 45:11-12

Woe to him who quarrels with his Maker. -- Isaiah 45:9

-- Norm Bomer

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