Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Depression: Sorrow without Hope

I'm keeping it real over at Home Educating Family Blog.
As I write this, Robin Williams has been dead for over a month. His suicide brought depression out in the open for a short time. It demonstrated that you can not always spot a depressed person by looking at them from the outside.
But depression and suicide has touched our family more directly. Just last year my husband and I attended the funeral of a young husband and father who committed suicide.
A few years before that, a family member had to deal with the suicide of her husband.
In both, not only did the suicide catch others by surprise, the depression did as well.
To be honest, depression has affected us even more intimately. You see, I have dealt with depression throughout my life and have considered suicide.
There. I am out. How about you? Are you willing to bring your depression to light?

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