Friday, May 5, 2017

Parting of the Red Sea Preschool Lesson.

Last Sunday I taught my nursery/Preschool about the Hebrews crossing the Red Sea. I just wanted to share a few things I did...including writing a song! 

Everything is better with a song!

First, last week I put up a door display that we finished this week. I've seen similar, individual crafts like this but I applied it to the door. Last week, I put up brown paper in the center and curled blue paper along the sides for the parted sea.  This week we colored the people that I found HERE and added them to cross the Red Sea. I liked them for the ease of cutting out.

Second, my song!  I wrote a quick dittie to the tune of "Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho." Here's my lyrics..
The Hebrews crossed the Red Sea
on dry land
on dry land
on dry land
The Hebrews crossed the Red Sea
on dry land
And the Egyptians said bye-bye.

Now, I did mention what actually happened to the Egyptians that followed the Hebrews into the Red Sea, but I just couldn't fit that in the song!

Third, I usually like to have a snack I can relate back to what we learned from the Bible. We made Red Sea graham crackers.  Pillsbury Funfetti Aqua Blue Vanilla is perfect for this snack because of the color and the fact you get little fish as the Funfetti! 
Here's what it looked like made:
 We left it "dry" in the middle, added the Red Sea on the sides and some little fish in the water. Before we ate our snack we finger-walked the Hebrew across the dry land a few times while singing our new song.
A good time was had by all and I heard a few little voices singing while leaving class!

Nest Entertainment- Best in Animated Bible StoriesNow if I would have had more time or maybe children's church on this subject, I might have included part of the Nest Entertainment video on Moses. I have always appreciated Bible videos from Nest. I find them good quality for little ones and right now they are on sale! Right now you can download the Moses video and coloring book for only $1.34!! (affiliate link)

Do you teach "the littles" Sunday School? I'm always looking for new ideas. Please share!

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