Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Handwriting, Literature, and Art...Oh, My!

As a teacher, I have always loved combining subjects. It give more meaning to what is done and therefore, makes it more memorable.

Micki memorized a poem entitled "The Caterpillar." Obviously, we used the poem as a springboard for an art project.

What you don't see is that she also copied the poem and we glued it to the back of her artwork. I only had her do two lines of the poem at a time, so it wouldn't be overwhelming. It was really interesting because you could see her handwriting improve from the beginning to the end.

While I do use a penmanship curriculum to continue her skills, now that she knows how to write, I integrated copywork more and more. Eventually, I want it to be all copywork until I get ready to teach her cursive. Copywork is a very "classical" way of handwriting. Part of the concept is that you have them copy things not only to practice handwriting, but also to expose them to literature, principles, and English grammar. You gotta' love multi-tasking.

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