Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Nile

One thing I have learned is that Micki loves history and science. I think, in part, it's because I can make those subjects a little more hands on. Of course, the more modalities you can include, the more the student can learn and remember. Also, because she is still very concrete thinking at her age, concrete things make more sense.

Therefore, we made the Nile River and flooded it. We had talked about the delta, and so, she knew that we needed to make a triangle at one end. Yes, I know that the Nile does not have a foil river bed, but I'm not God! We planted some "crops" which did start to grow after the flood started to dry up. The problem came from the fact that we live in the Midwest and the Nile River got flooded two more times and had to fight lows of 40s!

We move along a little slowly...we're still in Egypt. Once we finish talking about mummies and pyramids a little more, on to Sumer we'll go. What has been really cool is that the geography we are learning for Classical Conversations currently goes right along with what we've been learning.

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