Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spelling Practice Ideas

Found this wonderful list of spelling practice ideas from I'm just going to list some of the ones I think would work easier for a homeschooler. Go to the list to see them all including a list of spelling words for first grade.

  • Spell words with alphabet macaroni (can be glued to paper) or alphabets cereal (yummy to eat!).
  • Spell words with magnetic letters on cookie sheets.
  • Use alphabet stamps and let them stamp out their words on paper.
  • Squirt a bit of shaving cream on their desks and allow them to write their words.
  • Cut letters from magazines or newspaper to spell the words.
  • Make a wordsearch or crossword puzzle at with the spelling words.
  • Fun Pens: students copy the words in "fun pens". You can find them at the Dollar Store or Walgreens. They light up, or are wiggly, or gooey, etc.
  • 30 Second Words: Students fold paper in quarters. Write the spelling word in one corner of the corner. The teacher gives the students 30 seconds to write the word as many times as they can.

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