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A Homemaking Co-Op

This sounds like such an awesome idea!

A Homemaking Co-Op

by Angela on May 10, 2011 in Activities

Last year, my friend Stacy asked me if I wanted to be part of a homemaking co-op she was setting up for a few high school girls in our homeschool group. We aren’t starting the co-op until next school year, so we had a year to think about it.

I couldn’t say yes fast enough!

A few benefits to a co-op

Take advantage of skills other moms have that I am lacking in.
Foster godly friendships between the girls as they bond over projects.
Use the gifts God has given me to bless some kids.
Spend a little extra time with my oldest and her friends!
Encourage our daughters in homemaking.

What’s not to love?

How We’re Running Our Homemaking Co-Op:

There are 5 moms.

Each Mom will teach 3 classes throughout the year in her home. The classes will last about four hours and include a project.

We’ll meet twice a month for most months, taking December off.

We’ll have 15 classes total.

If a girl is using the classes as high school credit, then their mom will come up with work for them to do during the week to add up to the required number of hours.

We’re coordinating our class days with our group’s park days, so the hosting mom will provide lunch and bring all the girls to the park.
Homemaking Topics

Stacy sent us all this list of ideas for topics.

Cooking/meal planning
Using coupons/being a good steward of money
Taking care of our bodies-exercise/healthy living
Spiritual discipline

We haven’t totally settled on which classes we’re teaching, but I am hoping to teach baking, hospitality, and spiritual disciplines.

I don’t know for sure yet if I will teach on those topics, but I do know this: Someone else is definitely teaching housecleaning. Ahem.

As we go through some of the projects, I’ll share some with you. I’m looking forward to seeing what we all come up with.

Have you ever joined a homemaking Co-Op? Or are you dreaming of starting one now? If you did, what would you like to teach? What would you definitely not want to teach?

Angela can be found at Homegrown Mom, home of the 30 Days of Homemaking for Girls Series.

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