Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A couple of free curricula

I've come across a couple of free curricula that I want to share.  One is for music and the other is for radio which would include science and math.  I haven't used them, but they sure look like great resources.  Did I mention they were  FREE?  ;-)

The music curriculum is located here.  It has a workbook broken down into chapters and virtual flash cards.  I would say the workbook is good basic information but not for young learners, but the virtual flash cards would be great for any age.

Used with permission.

The radio curriculum is made by ARRL The National Association for Amateur Radio and is located HERE under ARRL ETP Curriculum Guide.  The first lesson will definitely catch their attention..."Where's the remote?!?"  (We just did this in home, and we weren't even doing the lesson!)  The site even has a store, but I'm sure you could also purchase any needed supplies from a place like Radio Shack.

If you've used either of these or have used other curriculum/sites for the same thing, please share!

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