Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What do the words 'freedom' and 'liberty' mean to you? Does your mind go more in the direction of not being persecuted or discriminated against or does it head in the direction of doing what you please?
Hmmm. That's a lot of thinking for this week. Right now when I think of the words 'freedom' and 'liberty,' I think of release from bondage.

Original dog with sauerkraut & grilled onions: really good!  Although the kraut & onions were overkill...I shoulda kept it simple.  Superb flavor in the dog, with the telltale snap of a good casing.  Homemade french fries &...2. Nathan's sponsors a hot dog eating contest every 4th of July. Last year over 40,000 people attended the event and almost 2 million watched it on TV. The winner ate over 60 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. How do you like your hot dogs?
A perfect hot dog would be grilled with some charring topped with mustard, sweet relish, and sauerkraut. I like chili-cheese togs, too.

3. If you were going to enter an eating contest what would be on the menu?
Definitely not hot dogs. Even thinking about eating 60 makes me gag. Cheesecake, however, goes down the throat quite smoothly!

4. Do you run your house more as a dictatorship or a democracy?
I would say neither, but if I had only those to choices I would say dictatorship. I fully believe in following the leadership of my husband BUT he is a servant-leader using Christ as an example so he is far from a dictator. He definitely seeks my input and advice before moving forward most of the time.

5. Where was your favorite summer place when you were a kid?
We didn't do much traveling when I was a kid.  The extent of vacations would be visiting cousins in St. Louis, so to me a trip to St. Louis is a summer place.
gateway arch

6. Do you have a guest room? Would you want to stay there?
Well, since we are having to vacate the house we are living in and move into a house owned by a friend, I would not say we have a guest room. 

7. Next Wednesday America celebrates her independence. Do you have any special plans for the 4th of July? If you live outside the USA when and how does your country celebrate its own patriotic holiday?
This year, I think we will go to my SIL's mother's house on July 3rd. We have a tradition to go over there for Easter, so we thought we'd start joining them for their July 3rd celebration. Not sure what we're doing for the actual Fourth yet.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I think my daughter is the only person who can sing an extemporaneous song about Long John Silver's Fish for a whole 15 minutes.


Joyce said...

My father in law is from the St. Louis area. I've never been but have always wanted to see the Arch in person. It's on my list : )

Happy 4th!

Theresa said...

Yum, cheesecake! I hope your move goes smoothly.

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