Thursday, September 12, 2013

I am still alive...

Have you missed me at all?

If you check out my Facebook page, you know that my computer checked out back in August, it took me over a week to get it back from the shop, and now I'm fighting for the data on my hard drive which they replaced.

What we are working on as a homeschool group.
We also started school, I started being the new director/leader of Cubbies when I've never worked in AWANA before, AND my hubby and I are heading up our revamped homeschool group at church.

To be honest, not having to do a daily blog post has lightened my load a lot. 

While my hubby thinks I should take a sabbatical, he's agreed that I could just post occasionally as the Spirit move me. More from desire and availability than from responsibility and compulsion.

So, you'll be hearing from me but not regularly. In fact, I have a cool freebie I'm going to share in a bit. Hope you'll keep following!

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Cindy said...

I've been MIA with blogging also. Funny how life changes over time and other things take priority.
A periodic post is better than nothing at all, right?

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