Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Patching Holes in Jeans with Crochet

For some reason, my daughter is getting holes in the knees of her jeans.
I'm not a big seamstress nor am I financially able to just go out and purchase new ones.

So I used crochet!

First, we had one just horizontal tear. I cleaned up strands and crocheted around the edges as you would a pillowcase our towel.
I crocheted a second row around using a slip stitch chain 3 around. Then I crocheted across the hole connect each a loop on each side with a chain 3. This is what the final result looked like.
This is what it looked like on.
Oh, for this pair of jeans, I used Lion Brand Trellis. I chose that one because, well, it's cool looking but also because it is nylon making it a little stretchy. I thought a little stretchy would be good on the knee especially since the jeans were also stretchy.

The other pair of jeans had the hole a little lower than the knee and x-shaped. First, I laid it flat and joined the edges with just a few stitches. Nothing pretty. Just enough to hold it together.
This was before the few stitches.
Next, I crocheted a doily just large enough to totally cover the whole area. This is the pattern I used. I think I only went to round 5 and ended with this...
You would normally sew this on with pink thread, but I didn't have pink. I used a light tan thread. I put a booklet in the slender leg of the jeans which allowed me to sew against it without attempting to stick my hand in the jeans.
Here's the finished product!

I sewed right around the center, around the middle of the circle and then around the edge very well. 

She think she's all cool now and I think her jeans aren't so uber-poor looking!
It's win-win!

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