Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday--UGH! My daughter is growing up!!

This is basically a cathartic piece with some hope of encouraging comments from those of you who are going through or have gone through this before.

My daughter is getting older and I'm not sure if I like it (or ready for it, for that matter!). I will present the evidence.

First, she's starting to smell. I remember being a classroom teacher and having those fourth, fifth, or sixth graders come back from recess. Ooowee. Smelly little bodies.
Well, that is starting to be mija. Sometimes she will come up and throw herself around me in a hug and there it is. A big whiff of BO.

Being me and always trying to keep her prepared for the upcoming changes in her body, I mentioned that deodorant will be in her future.
Well, that future was Sunday morning! She asked to put on deodorant before church. {sigh}

Second, she's having dreams about boys. I woke her up the other day and she said, "I want to finish my dream." Well, turns out the dream was about "Jack", a character on a TV show she watches. Well, at least he is a nice looking kid, so she's got some taste, but really? Dreaming about a boy?

Third, she keeps looking for a reason to wear a beginner bra. Her cousin passes on clothes to mija and the last batch contained some beginner bras. Now to tell you the truth, I know they are coming. I had the occasion to rub some essential oils on her chest and I could feel a different texture in the chest area, but definitely nothing "developing" as it were. She's diligent in looking however.

You know I go harness free as much as possible, so putting a bra on her is going to wait as long as possible.

Fourth, she wants to start her period. You read that right. Even after living her whole life with a mom with "lady issues" she wants to start. I can't remember what had proceeded the comment, but last week she sat in the middle of the floor and said, "I wish I would start my period, so I could be a woman." This statement was accentuated by a flourish of curvy arm movements demonstrating a woman's shape. Really?

I'm thankful that she understands what a period is and is not afraid of it. HOWEVER, I had to comment that while a period might mean you body was turning into a woman, the heart and mind had to develop a lot more before you could become a godly woman.

Do you see what I mean? This is crazy stuff. And I haven't even mentioned the attitude!

Here, I'm posting some pictures back when she was young and innocent.

There, I feel better now.

Any advice or consolation you can leave, would be wonderful!


Karena and Family said...

I'm with you. Only with boys is hair - thick, hairy legs & arms. And facial hair. Those "smoochies" are no longer the same, and I embrace the stubble that has replaced soft, smooth baby skin. I would say however, that the changes are good. It's bittersweet to watch God doing a work of maturity in those in your home. I work diligently to maintain my focus on the daily moments - smells, messes, massive food consumption - knowing the launching out will come all too soon. Enjoy the journey! I ask myself on occasion if I would really want it any other way?

Karena and Family said...

I'm with you. Only with boys it's hair. Lots of dark, wavy hair on their legs and arms. And facial hair. Those "smoochies" are no longer the same, and I try not to bristle from the stubble as I still receive those sweet tokens of affection that are way different than they were in the baby skin days. I focus on the moments trying keep perspective about things like messes, noise (bodily and otherwise), massive food consumption, and general growing pains. We're having a blast. I often ask myself if I would really want it any other way. Enjoy the journey.

Cindy said...

How kind of you NOT to mention the attitude :)

The bodily changes are the easiest. The hormonal ones harder and the emotional even the hardest..
It's a roller coaster that brings the highest of highs and lowest of lows.

Advice? Enjoy every moment as you hang onto the Father's hand for the ride of your life! Motherhood is NOT for wimps ;)

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