Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Homeschool Freebies

 It's time for the annual freebie directory from The Old Schoolhouse magazine.

Excuse my daughter's long legs
in the picture!

I recently received a lot of free science magazines from Natural Inquirer (get the play on words?)  I requested a sample pack and was surprised by the extent of what I received!I requested the middle school selection. Get your free science magazines HERE. Warning: not necessarily a Biblical worldview but still informative information.

Lastly today, my friend shared a new freebie from Nat Geo. It's free, printable, topography maps. You can select where you want in the United states, and it will print 5 PDF pages up for you which includes:  
  • Page 1 is an overview map showing the topo in context
  • Pages 2 through 5 are the standard USGS topo cut in quarters to fit on standard printers
Find your Nat Geo topography maps HERE

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