Monday, March 27, 2017

Praise God even in the Duh moments!

We had a blessed weekend attending the Teach Them Diligently Conference in NW Arkansas. I had many encouraging moments, aha moments, entertaining moments, convicting moments and one major...

DUH moment.

You see, I had dropped hubby off at the convention center for a men's breakfast while I went back to the motel to close up shop.

I was carrying out my big bag with the car keys in one hand and the motel room key card in the other. I desperately wanted to remember that key card because I didn't want to be locked out of the room.

Everything went well for the motel room card key. I was able to get back into the room easily to finish the last looks which is usually hubby's job. You know the job of looking through the room to make sure nothing was left behind (and all the free soaps and coffee were packed).

I did well...
                     until I went for the car keys...

I ransacked the room and purse looking for the car keys--the only set of car keys I might add.

They were no where...
                        except probably the trunk.

I went into full blown "Bapti-costal" prayer mode. "LORD, pleeeeeese let me find the keys. LORD, hubby doesn't have his phone. I don't want to miss the last day of the conference. LORD, please don't make me spend money for a locksmith. PLEEEEEEEESE, Father!"

Me with the pesky keys
It came to me; at least one part of the backseat folds down to allow access to the trunk.

Literal praise of God at this moment.
More grumbling than praising occurred as this 200+ pound woman in a maxi skirt attempts to remove all the trash that had been pushed to the back of the trunk (which was now the front of the trunk from my perspective), remove my husband's bag which he lovingly had loaded prior to the breakfast and attempt to reach my bag which was in the front of the trunk which was now the back of the trunk.

About 10 minutes into this adventure, I realized the rest of the backseat also folded down which made the last few minutes of this process much easier yet undoubtedly still a praise the Lord worthy moment.

I was so excited!  Definite praise going on as I jumped up and down, raised my hands in the air and
posted on the TTD app to share this praise worthy moment.

My husband finished the breakfast and I had to share this with him as well. After all, God deserved praise for what He did.

Instead of falling on his knees in adoration for what God did for his wife, my husband looked at me calmly and said...

"Why didn't you just push the trunk button under the dashboard?"

I sat dumbfounded with egg obviously dripping from my face. My forehead was red from my hand slapping my forehead saying, "DUH!"

The trunk button?

Throughout the rest of the day, I pondered this massive DUH moment and I came up with a few thoughts.

  • Sometimes, your spouse really can see through the emotions and turmoil to see an obvious (and often much easier in a skirt) answer.
  • Sometimes, there are really easy actions that can fix a really serious problem. Serious does not always equal hard.
  • Praise God anyway. Even though the more challenging answer came to my mind, I have no doubt that God helped me through the situation. Maybe even more so because He had to help me through my DUH; even though He was probably sitting on His thrown with a little smile thinking....
                                         ....just push the button, precious. 

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