Saturday, August 28, 2010

Book Swapping Site

I couldn't decide if I should post this on my couponing site or here, so I'll do both!

I found out about PaperBack Swap through a homeschool email loop.  The poster mentioned that she actually gets some of her curriculum this way.

Here's how it works.  You post books that you want to share on the site.  No, they don't have to just be paperback.  You can post paper, hard, fiction, nonfiction, etc.  Someone decides they want your book.  You pay the postage to send it to them (usually anywhere from about $1 to $4).  For every book you mail, you receive a credit which you then use to get books that you want.  You can also buy credits, but I haven't done that. 

It's not always easy to grab the books you want since probably other want it too, but you can make a wish list and when that book comes up, it notifies you first.  I've gotten a biography for school this year and have our first semester math text book on the way.  It was a little scary at first because it seemed like I kept sending out books with nothing to show for it, but now my books are starting to come it. 

There is also a CD and DVD site, but I haven't participated in them yet.  I've read that the credits are interchangeable between programs, but again, I  haven't tried it yet.

So, here's a free way to possible score some curriculum or other books for school or pleasure!

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