Thursday, August 26, 2010

House Honcho

I have a "newer" Facebook friend who turned me on to House Honcho.  I'm chatting about it here, because I have found it very helpful and have begun to jot down what I'm going to do on my planner, so it easily becomes just one of the things I need to do that day.

I still appreciate Flylady, but House Honcho is much easier and less time intensive.

House Honcho sends you ONE just ONE email per day, unlike Flylady which sends a multitude of emails.  This one email focuses on one room and gives 3 simple tasks, 3 intermediate tasks, and 3 challenging tasks.  All you do it pick any 3 tasks from any combination of categories.  If you do this, you should see an improvement in your home.

Now, if you still need help with the basics, go with Flylady.  If you can handle the basics of dish washing, clothes washing, etc, then go with House Honcho. I really enjoy the feeling of accomplishment from doing only 3 things! 

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