Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cinco de Mayo--a quick lesson in Mexican History

First of all, I have to post my favorite Cinco de Mayo picture...
Get it? 

Second, I must break some news to you that you might find quite surprising.

Cinco de Mayo IS NOT Mexican Independence Day. 

{sigh} That's a relief. It's been a heavy burden on my shoulders for a long time.
While we celebrate Cinco de Mayo all across the United States, it's only celebrated in the state of Puebla in Mexico. That's because Puebla is where it all "went down". In the Battle of Puebla, 6000 well-armed French troops lost to 2,000 "rag-tag" Mexican army in 1862. Mexican Independence from Spain was declared about 50 years earlier on September 16, 1810.

Cinco de Mayo has become a Mexican pride celebration here in the United States. Being a quarter Mexican, I'm all for that!

Here's some sites to help you celebrate Mexico and all things Mexican.
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Viva la raza!!

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