Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Using the Chore Bundle to Bring Family Harmony {Giveaway}

Don't tell anyone this, okay?

Recently, my mom and one of my sisters got into a BIG argument. Like most arguments that culminate with two adults yelling at each other on the front lawn with neighbors watching, the disagreement was in part about differences in housekeeping. 

What? Your family doesn't argue about cleaning houses?

You see, both mom and I were raised by my grandparents. They were both perfectionists. My grandmother was great at keeping the house clean before her health deteriorated, so my mom and I were never expected to do much, because, after all, if we did it, my grandmother would "just have to do it again." As such, we're not overly picky housekeepers. We both appreciate a lived in look and are not traumatized if the sofa is covered with papers and needs to be cleared off or there's a basket of clean clothes that haven't been put away. Mom, however, has a tiny-touch of hoarding mixed in. You have to understand, she was raised by parents who had just survived the Great Depression. You save anything you might have to use for later.

My sisters, on the other hand, grew up with mom. I think her little-bit of pack-rat along with lack of major housekeeping concerns made them swing the pendulum clear back the other way. Both of their homes are immaculate. If there is the slightest bit of clutter or dust....{shiver}...it's a catastrophe.

So, the two generations collided at mom's house the other day. 

I sit here typing this at a kitchen table is covered with several notebooks, a brush, a broken frisbee, books, magazines, a dirty coffee cup, dry erase board, sunglasses...I think you get the picture. I haven't given up attempting to grow and change my housekeeping ways, however. As long as I have breath, I can work on having a cleaner house and teaching my daughter the benefit of diligence and duty.

That's why when I had the chance, I chose Chores: Many Hands Make Light the Work from Eternal Encouragement. This bundle includes 6 e-books and 4 MP3 that you can listen to online or download.
Chores: Many Hands Make Light the Work
Now, I've reviewed a bundle by Mrs. Lorrie Flem before and it was a blessing. The format has changed, however, and it's sooo convenient now. Instead of getting a bunch of separate documents, you now get one document with everything in it. You get all the e-books and articles back-to-back in one PDF which also includes the links to listen or download the audios. It's so easy to use and pretty

The contents are equally easy to use and, well, if not pretty, they will at least make your home look pretty. Keep in mind the title mentions many hands, so there are many ideas on how to teach and include your children into the cleaning process. I appreciate that help since I work at including my daughter so she isn't clueless when she grows up AND child labor is free! It's a win-win!

One thing Lorrie mentioned was the steps in teaching your child how to clean something.

1. I do, you watch.
2. I do, you help.
3. You do, I help.
4. You do, I watch.
5. You do, I inspect.
Isn't that great? You don't just assume they know or assume they get it the first time. Also, you can start at a fairly early age with this process, so by the time you watch or just inspect, you will see things actually being accomplished.

For the squared circle group. No you can't eat the candy until I'm done. No you can't eat the candy until I'm done. It was tough keeping the family away long enough to do the shot :-)While there is a lot about children, the principles and practices still apply to cleaning as a whole. For instance, I'm more than willing to reward myself with a package of M&Ms as I sort through my magazine and paper basket!

I appreciate how practical and detailed the ideas are, but along with that, Lorrie shares the fact that how she does it may not be the way I do it. Each of us are at different places in our lives. My home with one 7-year-old will look different than Lorrie's home with 7 kids still at home. She encourages you to take her ideas and modify them for your own use.

There's a lot more I could share, but you need to get the bundle yourself to truly benefit. Here's a treat! You can actually enter to win your own bundle! First you go HERE. Second, you mention that you found out about it here on Mrs. Price is Right about Homeschooling. Lastly, you provide your name and mailing address. That's it.
Make sure to enter THE GIVEAWAY!

I am reviewing Encouraging Moments as an official member of The Gabby Moms blogging program for Eternal Encouragement magazine.  I did not receive compensation for this post and all opinions are solely my own.


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I entered! Now give me those M&Ms!!!

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The reward system, huh? Works for me too :)

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