Thursday, May 31, 2012

Scripture Memory Online

It seems I've been writing a lot lately on memorization. In case you've missed them, I did one about singing as a memory aid and using chants, poems, and cheers.

I found out about two Scripture memory programs online that I thought I'd share.
The irony of the title above is that I had to move my fingers extremely slow to get this shot. I feel like even at a super slow rate, I moved them too fast.

#DSC01583 (Sony DSLR-a100)Scripture Typer is also also available as an iPhone app. MemVerse is developing an app. The whole app thing doesn't really affect me, since I don't have a "fancy" phone.

With both programs, you can sign in and it will keep track of what you're memorizing. Memorizing using programs like these is the fact that you're not only learning visually but also kinesthetically because you type in the verses. Say the verses out loud and you add auditory!

MemVerse has opportunities to win "badges" for memorization and is 100% online. Scripture Typer is also online, but gives you the opportunity to print memory cards. 

I haven't played around enough with either site to determine which I like the best.  Have you used them? Do you have a preference? I'd love to know what you think.

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