Thursday, May 30, 2013

Father's Day Gifts to Make or have Made

Father's Day is coming up. Unfortunately, I sometimes think it gets overshadowed by the thrill of early summer.

First, let's make remembering it easy by somethings we can have made for dad.
I've had one of these done before. To get it for Father's Day, you need to order by June 1 for Standard Shipping, June 4 for Expedited Shipping, and June 6 for Priority Shipping. 
It was so easy to upload. The hardest part was deciding on the photo!

I'm actually thinking about getting this one. My hubby loves mugs. Guaranteed delivery by Father's Day if ordered by May 31. Shipping starts at $5.99. Use the code MYMUG. It's for new customers only.

Now, some Pinterest ideas.

 This site actually has several printable, easy to do gift ideas. I particularly like this "pop" one because it goes to show that it's POP not SODA!!!   ;-)
"Following in your footsteps" bookmarks. I would write that phrase and the child's name, age and the date on the back. So cute!
Hero Stones. Such a cool idea to keep around where dad can be reminded. 
Mija has started to learn how to crochet, but this is still beyond her at this point. I also like it because you don't seem to see filet crochet as much anymore.

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