Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Crocheted Doll Slippers

Of late, I've been craving the feel of a hook and yarn in my hands. I love to crochet. I think it is so cool to start with a ball of yarn and a hook and within a few minutes something starts to form. It is a very small taste of what God felt when creating the earth. 

Well, I came across a pattern which I just had to jump on. It would be fast, easy, and be fun for mija.

It was for little slipper that were supposed to be used for shower gifts. I saw more potential however, because they could obviously be worn by a doll!
Here's a link to the pin for pattern:

Mija has Faith and Friends dolls which are larger than the usual fashion dolls but smaller then American Girl dolls. It's always challenging to find new clothing for them.
But now, one has new slippers.
I don't think they are too bad considering I haven't crocheted in a few years.
I did change a couple of things in the pattern. In row 4, I put all the DC and HDC in the back loop of the stitch in order to make it curve over the toe better. Also, I just caught the end of the strap in my stitch as I went around the edging thereby negating the need of sewing the strap down.
And it ended up being a double blessing. Not only did I make some shoes for mija's doll, but she wanted to begin learning to crochet!
It's a work in progress, but she definitely made a start in learning the chain stitch. I'll probably make a few more pairs of shoes in order to encourage her to keep on practicing. 
And of course, learning to crochet is school hours that don't seem like school!

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