Thursday, February 27, 2014

President Lesson for our co-op

This week we had our church's homeschool group. I had the K-3rd graders and decided to learn/review the first 16 presidents of the United States.

1. I used Lives of the Presidents to start the class. I 
did not read the whole's more geared to 4th grade and up, but the pictures were fun. In fact, you might be prepared for a mini lesson on caricature. I went over each president and gave a few fun facts about each. I stopped every couple of presidents to review.

2. While they took a quick bathroom/drink break, I took the first 16 US Presidents  Flash Cards and hid them throughout the classroom. When they came back, they had to find the flash cards and then as a group, we put them in the correct order.

Presidents' Day Directed Drawing

3. The kids thought it was awesome to be able to draw pictures of Washington and Lincoln. I found this awesome Directed Drawing activity on Teachers Pay Teachers. You can't be the price of FREE!

4. Then we played president bingo. It was a learning experience for some of the kiddos who had never played bingo before. I found the one I used on Pinterest.

5. We actually finished after bingo, but I had one more book to end with if we had time. First Pooch: The Obamas Pick a Pet is really cute and mentions some of the pets that have lived in the White House.

All the kids left happy and smiling and even saying they had fun. I think I succeeded!

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