Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday--Adoption is not a joke

We are definitely not a family to be on top of the latest movies. In fact, we finally watched Marvel's The Avengers this week. 

But I did a terrible thing. I laughed at a joke.

Here was the joke.

The Avengers are sitting around telling Thor that Loki
Thor is the hairy one and Loki is the horny one.
is a sociopathic monster bent on taking over the world.

Thor supports Loki by saying, "Yeah, but he's family!"

The Black Widow explains, "He's also killed 80 people in the last 2 days."

Thor then replies meekly, "He's adopted."

And we laughed.

And mija with a puzzled look on her face asked why it was funny.

As I was trying to explain it to my 9-year-old, adopted daughter the joke, I realized it really wasn't funny.

All these 9 years I've tried to explain that adoption is a wonderful gift of God. Adoption makes you no different than any other member of the family. We are your real mom and dad and you are are real daughter.

And then I laugh at a joke using adoption as a way of distancing a relationship.

I humbly agreed with my daughter that the joke really wasn't funny and silently prayed that my laughing at the joke did not make her think that I thought any less of her as my daughter.

I know it was just a joke in a movie and not a comment on real life. Still, it was thoughtless joke and I was a thoughtless mommy to laugh.

{sigh} Just keeping it real.

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