Monday, April 28, 2014

The ABCs of Hand Washing AND Making Liquid Handsoap

I've been taking a kitchen safety class and learning some new things.

One of the things I've learned is a helpful hint about washing hands? Did you know that you are supposed to wash your hands long enough to sing the ABC Song or Happy Birthday twice?

Want to try an experiment that demonstrates the difference?
First, mix oil with cinnamon and rub it on your hands.
The first time you wash your hands for only 10 seconds in cold.
Here was mija's result:
You then can repeat the process washing for 10 seconds in warm water. Third, you do 10 seconds using soap in warm water.
A little better, but watch what happens after washing with soap and warm water while singing the ABC Song:
Yup, those are clean hands...the sink is filthy, but the hands are clean.

Now, a way to save money while washing your hands. How about making your own liquid hand soap?

I tried it out this week for the first time using a bar of soap, glycerin, and water.
Here's the site where I found out about how to do it:
Make sure to read all the comments. The next morning it started out as as a soft solid but after I stirred it, it turned into kind of a mucus. I added some more water and warmed it up. Still ended up soft solid and turned gelatinous. Added water and warmed one more time, but this time I whisked it. It made a difference.
It's not big on lather, but works just fine.

So now you know how to wash your hands AND have soap to use!

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