Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Graphs: an introduction.

Currclick.com is offering Graphs: an introduction. as it's weekly freebie.

Here's what the site says about the product:
Our books grow with the student.

This book is an introduction to how scientists present their information with studies of the importance of understanding how the information is
so presented.

It includes:
a) A historical experiment in updated form for the student and how to present the information for it in graphical form.
b) Historical background.
c) A lap book about graphs which uses normal sized paper.
d) 10 practice exercises on making graphs, 2 crossword puzzles, 3 examinations.
e) Discussion of the appropriate uses of the bar, line, exponential, sigmoid and other graphs as placed into the context of beginning, intermediate and advanced students.
f) Discussion of how people with "agendas" or "bias" can selectively show some parts of a graph to influence the viewer in a manner which is not consistent with what the graph really shows.
g) Discussion of the graphing of "data" and the "projection" of a graph into the future and the error associated with that projection.
Modern Information and Classical Experiments.

Graphs: an introduction

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