Monday, March 7, 2011

Question of the Week

There's a new program at Gabby Moms. The following was posted by Head Mama today.

Starting this week we are introducing a new feature here at The Gabby Moms called Question of the Week! Each week we will post a new question and the best answer, as decided by Lorrie Flem and myself (MacKenzie Monroe- Head Mama of The Gabby Moms), will win some sort of prize! All of our March winners will receive a $5 Gift Card to Starbucks!

Sound like fun?! All you have to do to enter is answer our question in the comments section. It’s that simple! Anyone living in the US or Canada is welcome to enter (not just Gabby Moms) and the winner will be announced in the Question of the Week post the following Monday. Make sure you leave your email address so we know how to contact you!

This week’s question is:
What is the number one thing you do to refresh yourself, your kids and your homeschool mid-year?

**Note that all answers given could be used in a future publication of Eternal Encouragement Magazine or on the Eternal Encouragement Website at some point, with author sited.**

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