Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I finished my Science Fair project...

...I mean mija finished her science fair project!

And won a second place ribbon.

I wrote previously about learning how to do a science fair project. 

I wasn't around much last week, because we were doing serious science stuff.

Her project was on the role of baking powder in the height of a cake. Her question was "Does the amount of baking powder affect the height of a cake?" 

Last weekend, we spent hours baking cakes from scratch in order to change the amount of baking powder only to realize at the end of the night that we could merely make cupcakes of flour, baking powder, and water.
Much easier and cheaper!

She learned a lot during this process. She learned some basics about alkalis and acids. Carbon dioxide was a big subject. She learned about variables.  She was introduced to decimals. 

It was a challenging but educational and fun experience all around. 

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