Monday, March 31, 2014

Making Money Using Apps

Last week, I shared my love for saving and making money. I mentioned that today I would share some way to actually make money when shopping.

I've mentioned previously some ways to make money while you are online. If you haven't started doing that, I suggest those as well. I have a $40 check from InboxDollars and have been adding up my Swagbucks and MyPoints since Christmas.
Well, today I'm going to share some ways I've been making money while buying groceries.

First, I found Ibotta. Here's the facts from their website.

  • Choose your favorite rebates and unlock them by completing fun tasks. Rebates expire so don't forget to redeem them before they're gone!
  • After shopping, tap on Redeem to verify your purchases.
  • The best part about Ibotta is that you earn real money, not points or other made-up currencies. 100% of your earnings can be transferred to PayPal or Venmo as soon as you’ve earned $5.
Ibotta does not only groceries but also restaurants, movies and more.

SavingStar, Inc. Save on groceries with no clipping and no printing todayNext, I found I use it more for the groceries but it also offers cash for some online purchases and such. Each week they offer 20% on a certain produce and each weekend there is one small item offered for free. It is linked to your loyalty card, but you don't have to upload a picture of receipt. You can get your cash after $5.

My latest discovery is Checkout 51. Unlike Ibotta and SavingStar, Checkout 51 is not linked to a store loyalty card. Also, you can earn $2.00 just by doing your first rebate! You just have to upload a photo of your receipt. You have to wait until you have $20.00 before you can cash out and get a check.

Now, here is how you can REALLY save.

Say bananas are on sale at HyVee.
This week, there was a coupon for $0.50 off coupon of fruit. On top off that, Checkout 51 is offering $0.50 cash back and SavingStar is giving 20% cash back. 

Or take the Belvita I purchased last week. I had a coupon for $1.00 off two. I earned $0.50 from SavingStar and $.50 from Ibotta.  That's $2.00 I saved/earned from that purchase. That means I basically paid only for one box.

So, that's how I've been making money while I've been saving money!

All these are affiliate links except for Checkout 51. That means if you join I will earn a little cash. 

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