Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Times Tales Review

I was stuck with a fourth grader who did not know her upper multiplication facts. I do not know exactly how it happened. She could skip count to her heart’s delight, but could not remember the facts by rote. I asked for some advice. Someone recommended Times Tales and at this point I was willing to try anything.
I am glad I did.

What is Times Tales?

Times Tales is mnemonic-based DVD that uses short stories to learn the upper multiplication facts. (Click to tweet.) At first, the thought of not learning the facts through understanding multiplication was heresy! However, I had already explained multiplication, and it was just the facts she needed help with. I realized how well she learns things within a narrative context like we do with history.
With Times Tales, first you learn simple stories. In fact, the program encourages you not to think of the multiplication facts but instead to just focus on learning the stories. Through additional sections on the DVD, it reviews the stories and slowly transposes the stories into the actual facts. The facts are no longer abstract but have a story basis!
Times Tales is:

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved Times Tales. My kids love them and learned their multiplications tables in a snap.

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