Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday--I like making and saving money when I shop

The stereotypical woman loves to shop or at least window-shop. I am not a stereotypical woman. I dislike shopping. Get in, get what I need, and get out...that's my motto. The only reason I walk around a mall is to get exercise. 

And the only reason I spend any length of time in a grocery aisle is to get the best deal.

And to get the best deals, I use couponing, rewards cards, and more. 

One of my main go-to saving sources is CVS. When you match the Extra Care Bucks deals with coupons, you do a great job saving and making money. (If it's actually something you need that is!)

For instance one week, I purchased $67.86 worth of items for $27.90. Doesn't sound that great except that I then received $20.00 in ECB back which means in the end I only paid $7.90 which is an 89% savings.

The following week I purchased $60.28 in stuff. I paid $3.15 out of pocket after coupons and that $20 in ECB from the previous week. Then I received $16 in ECB back which means CVS paid me $12.85 to take $60 of stuff home. Over 100% in savings!

Now I have $16 to spend next time.

Fairly recently, however, I've learned a few more ways to make money on things I purchased. Come back on Monday to find out more details on that!

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arbrown said...

I love finding bargains as well. However I love treasure hunting at thrift stores ( or other stores) when I am doing a project. For example We needed a new bed skirt for our king size bed. Imagine my sticker shock when most king size bed skirts were well north of $45. So I went on line to amazon and other stores. Lo and behold I found the one we wanted at JCPennys for about $35 so off we went But since we were using our JCPennys card we got an additional 20% off via a internet coupon- Our cost about $33 which was about 70% off of the original price and cheaper than the advertised sale price. We will pay off the card this month and it was a win-win score. Gotta love the hunt:)

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