Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Money Math Review Games

We have been teaching a lot of cool classes in our co-op which I've been meaning to share but haven't.

But today, I am listing all the things I am using for my money math class as I plan it! 

In the elementary group, we've been running a little over a dozen kids who are Kindergarten through third grade. A wide range to cover, but I try to use things that would be appropriate for different abilities and arrange for the older ones (and parents) to assist the youngers when needed.

The first activity I'll do is skip counting 1s, 5s, 10s, and 25s which of course are the amounts for our coins. I'm going to make it fun by having us do tiny steps for 1s all the way to leaps for 25s. It will get squirms out, give practice counting coins, and provide some cloaked multiplication review, too. 

I'm then going to have the group divided into three to five smaller groups depending on how many are there. I think a group of 3-4 kiddos with an adult would make a perfect size for the money games I'm planning. I will rotate groups to the different games.

Take a look at my selections:

One is going to be Money Kaboom. You select sticks with different coin amounts. If you count correctly, you keep the stick. If you grab a Kaboom stick, you have to put all your sticks back. 

The second game is Money Dice. You roll large dice with various coin amounts on each side. There is a variety ways to play the actual game. I think we are going to play it to see which person in the group can total up the amount first. Here's the pin for it.

Now I am going to be honest. I am not going to get wooden blocks and paint them. I am just going to make a cube using a printable cube cutout on cardstock. I'm going to use coin clip art for the money.
A third game I am going to use is Coin Grab Graph. I really like that it includes graphing skills. 

The last game I am bringing is a free, printable one from Teachers Pay Teachers. I am printing the cards up on cardstock. It is the "I Have Who Has" Money Game.

Do you have any money games you can share?

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