Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Vetiver Essential Oil ADD Experiment---The Hows and Outcomes

In other words, part 2!

Yesterday I posted about the hows and whys of using Vetiver essential oil for ADD/ADHD. I got so carried away with all the information that I decided our personal story needed to wait until today. If you missed yesterday's post, I suggest your read it first to lay the foundation.

Mija has never been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. I think there are some definite short attention spans that just arise from being having a sanguine personality! (After all, somewhere else there has to be something more interesting and fun than the schoolwork I'm doing.)

Personally, I suffer with ADCD:
http://snarkecards.com - I suffer from ADCD - Attention Deficit Cleaning Disorder. Start cleaning in one room, put things away, get distracted cleaning something else in another room. Ending up with more work which takes twice as long.
See, I just went "squirrel"!! Now, back on topic.

If you read the original post, you know that we started with just Vetiver and applied it to her big toes.

We noticed a difference immediately in attitude, attention and work quality. BUT there one caveat...

No essential oil can change a heart's 
willful, sinful desire.

Using Vetiver oil allowed us to see that some physical or personal elements were affected by the oil, but it did not have any affect on those times when willfulness was demonstrated in attitude and effort (or lack there of). To us this became a secondary benefit of Vetiver because it provided assistance in better seeing the character changes that continue to need to be addressed. It showed that it was not all outright disobedience nor was it all a physical or mental nature. 

We did change how we used it. While sometimes mija still requests some for her toes, we now usually diffuse it.
Here is the mixture I've been using

6 drops of Vetiver
6 drops of Lemon
4 drops of Ylang ylang or Bergamot

The Vetiver is a given. 
Lemon is amazing. It promotes clarity of thought and purpose. There was a research study (which I haven't eyeballed yet) which showed a dramatic improvement in mental accuracy and concentration and test scores increasing as much as 50%. I have not even mentioned all the physical/health benefits! Besides, it just smells "purdy". 
The Ylang ylang or Bergamot are current choices we are making for hubby and me. Might as well oil up the whole family!

I am ordering some Cedarwood oil to use in addition to the Vetiver to see if it makes a further difference. 

Never too many oils!

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Cindy said...

Hmmmmm....interesting how even the use of oils can show us our need for Jesus.
Thanks for sharing 😄

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