Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good bye to sugar cubes

See the message below for the details!

If you see any sugar cubes, grab them. I think they have headed the way of the dinosaur. Didn't find any in several stores. Oh, well. Oh, and my scanner isn't working right now, so you get photos.
Here are a few things that are thanks, in part, to classical education and The Well-Trained Mind. The book recommended (although I'm sure it's not original to them) to take photos of the projects you do. A photo/paper is much easier to save than a 3D project. That's why I didn't mind using blocks to make the pyramid since I knew I was going to take photo anyway.
Classical education encourages journaling of what is learned. So, under the picture of Micki and the pyramid is Micki's narration of what she learned about pyramids in history. Eventually she'll do all the writing.
Another classical education is copywork instead of just penmanship skill books. Once they gain penmanship skills, you use copywork to use those skills in away that also exposes them to literature, science, history, etc. Our example today is Micki's list of the four oceans (although, technically, they've added a 5th). She also cut out the map to add to it. She really does enjoy practicing her penmanship skills in real, practical ways when she doesn't even realize that's what she's working on!

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