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Suitable Education--or Indoctrination

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Suitable Education—or Indoctrination?
Volume 92, Program 3010/9/2009
Transcript of "Home School Heartbeat" radio program of HSLDA

Adopting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child—the CRC—would require the state to provide a suitable education for your child. Host Mike Farris examines the alarming truth about what comprises the UN definition of “suitable,” on today’s Home School Heartbeat.

Mike Farris:
In his recent report on home education law in England, Graham Badman urges creating a new definition of what is “suitable” for a child’s education. He cites Article 29 of the UNCRC as setting the standard for guiding such new requirements.

It is therefore crucial to understand Article 29. Subsections (b) through (e) attempt to control the substantive content of education and require the promulgation of certain worldviews that are controversial—not just among homeschoolers, but among many segments of the population.

Advocates of this treaty make a clear and bold declaration that this article “directs state parties to instill particular values in children through education.”

It is not necessary to debate the legitimacy of the values enshrined in their list of viewpoints to be instilled in every child in every type of school. The real issue is, does England—and does America—intend to mandate the inculcation of certain “approved” values to children?

England’s current law is clearly on the side of freedom and contrary to any regime of government-compelled indoctrination in any particular system of values. Nothing in English law allows government officials to dictate the worldview, opinions, or viewpoints which must be taught in home education—except the CRC.
I’m Mike Farris.

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