Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Introducing the Young Authors' Publishing Program

This is from the latest currclick.com newsletter.

We all want our children to write. What’s more, we want them to write well and to enjoy writing. We spend hundreds of dollars on writing curricula and writing classes. We encourage our children to produce cute stories with hand-drawn pictures for Grandma’s birthday. We applaud our teens for writing a novel in a year or a short story in a semester. But, what do we do with their words? Fantasies languish beside mysteries on the hard drive. Fiction becomes historical on our laptops before we get around to reading it. What reason is there for the reluctant writer to craft an interesting story if no one is going to read it?

The best motivation for kids to write is to see their words turned into an actual book that can be purchased by grandparents and friends. The Young Authors’ Publishing Program, exclusively by Codex Publishing, is designed to take a teen’s or child’s written words and turn them into a physical book.

Turn the work of your heart into a work of art to be shared with your family and friends.

Our goal is for kids and teens (through age 18) to be encouraged to keep expressing themselves through the written word. We want to make the dream of publishing a book attainable for every teen/child author.

The very first step in the publishing process is to revise and edit the finished manuscript. It has been said that great literature is not written, it’s rewritten. A book is never done after the first draft.

The next step is to choose one of the Young Authors’ Publishing Program’s plans. We have two basic plans available, as well as additional components that may be added to enhance the book. The Tolkien Plan is FREE. It includes basic formatting, a glossy cover with a stock image or your own image, and a one-year contract. The book will be listed on the Codex Publishing Web site as well as on the CurrClick Web site. Oh, you will also receive twenty percent royalties on the net profits. You may add an ISBN number, a light edit, a one-page critique, or a custom-designed cover for additional fees.

The Shakespeare Plan is not free, but in addition to the basic formatting, one year contract, twenty percent royalties, and listings on the Codex Publishing and CurrClick Web sites, it includes an ISBN number, a full professional edit, a one-page critique, and a free soft-cover copy of the book. The book will also be listed on Amazon.

Need help deciding between plans? Is the manuscript error free? Does she want her book to be available on just a few Web sites? Then theTolkien Plan is her best choice. Additional items to complement the Tolkien Plan include an ISBN number, a light edit, and/or a one-page, in-depth critique. If you teen has her heart set on a custom-designed cover, you may purchase one with either plan. Could the manuscript benefit from a thorough copyedit (more in-depth than the light edit available for purchase with the Tolkien plan), including comments to improve it? Does your teen want his book to be featured in the Codex newsletter and posted on Amazon? Does he want an ISBN included? Then the Shakespeare Plan is his best choice. When you choose either plan, you can download our exclusive Publishing Guide right away that will answer all of your questions.

~ Bethany LeBedz, for the Codex team
The Young Authors Program by Codex

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