Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Animal Enrichment Tools

In the recent Teacher's Toolbox email from theoldschoolhousemagazine.com, they provided several links for resources you can use for an animal unit.  It came perfectly timed for me since we are doing animals this semester for school.  I thought I'd share them here although some I know I've mentioned previously. I'll also try to get them on my tab for websites as well.

If you notice, Enchanted Learning is mentioned several times.  I have found it to be a very helpful website.  There are a lot of things on it that are free, BUT there is even more available if you become a member.  I don't remember how much the membership is per year, but I have found it well worth it.

Here ya' go.

Animal Coloring Pages
ABC Teach
Enchanted Learning
National Geographic

All About Animals
Enchanted Learning
National Geographic
Sheppard Software
Scholastic Teacher

Animal Puzzles Online
The Kidz Page
Animal Planet

Animal Puzzles Printable
Enchanted Learning

Online Adventures/Games
Switcheroo Zoo
Animal Planet

Animal Recipes
All recipes--Animal themed
All recipes--Animal Crackers
San Diego Zoo
Family Fun
101 Cookbooks

Animal Crafts
Enchanted Learning
Dannielle's Place

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