Monday, September 20, 2010

Home School Math--Multiplying Integers

Maria Miller of has sent out her latest newsletter.  She deals with many different levels of math, so even if you're not doing "multiplication of integers" right now, you know you will be sometime.  Also, I like to review what she shares because sometimes you can take the principle or practice and apply it to the level of math you're teaching.

"This lesson goes through the positive x negative, negative x positive, and negative x negative. It has basic exercises, a pattern exercise, a riddle, a coordinate grid exercise, and lastly an optional explanation (using distributive property) of why negative times a negative must be positive. The lesson suits grades 5-8, or even Algebra 1 students.

This free sample lesson will (later) be included in Math Mammoth Grade 6-B complete curriculum, and also in a separate book for the Blue Series. Feel free to use it with your students and to share with others."

Here's the link:  Multipy Integer Lesson

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