Monday, September 20, 2010

Early Birthday Present.

I can be so easy to please and practical.  My husband never settles for simple or cheap, oops, I mean inexpensive.  If he buys something, it has to have many bells and whistles.  It may not be most expensive but it's close.

My birthday is next week.  I asked for an electric pencil sharpener for school.  That was extravagant.   After all, I could use just one of those simple, hand held ones that leave shavings all over, but no, I wanted and electric one to make my life just a little more luxurious.

Since my husband was running to Office Depot anyway, I hinted that maybe he could go ahead and pick up a pencil sharpener for an early birthday present.

Here's what he brought home.  It's a Bostitch Quiet Sharp 6.

"This heavy-duty pencil sharpener features an industrial-strength motor and an extra large shavings receptacle so it's ideal for use in classroom or other high-capacity setting. The built-in auto-stop mechanism keeps pencils sharp without oversharpening, while the patented magnetic safety switch keeps cutters from turning when the shavings receptacle is removed. Thermal overload cutoff prevents premature motor burnout. Simply turn the dial to choose from 6 sharpening sizes. Includes a 6' power cord. U.L./CSA approved. Backed by the manufacturer's 3-year limited warranty."

Here's what I like about it.  It's the quietest pencil sharpener I've ever heard.  It's soooo fast.  It's got cute little suction cups on the bottom to keep it in place.  It's a pretty blue color.

And the principal said that it wasn't a birthday present, it was a school supply!

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