Friday, September 10, 2010

Unit Studies


Unit Studies

Amanda Bennett

More and more homeschooling parents are beginning to use the unit study approach as a primary instructional method, leaving behind the piles of textbooks and workbooks for each child. Unit studies can be more interesting and captivating than a standard textbook/workbook curriculum. They encourage the use of imagination, creativity, and analytical thinking.
Another advantage is that the whole family can work on them together, teaching all of the children the same unit simultaneously while varying the assignments based on the child's capabilities. While the youngest child might draw pictures of the story, the oldest child might be writing a brief summary of the book and its author.

This saves the parent time and money, instead of having to buy, assign, teach, and check separate workbooks and text materials for each child.

It is such an interesting time at home when everyone is pursuing a common topic. Dinner conversation is never dull, and the ideas that the kids come up with are priceless. I will never forget some of the daily stories that the children shared with Dad at the dinner table. Like the time they told him about their lessons in the phase change of metals that day, learned as they watched me melt a pot on an electric burner when I forgot that I was boiling water for tea!

Learning together as a family can provide a wonderful experience for everyone, and memories that last a lifetime.

~ Amanda Bennett

Amanda Bennett is an author, wife, and homeschooling mom, as well as a sought-after speaker at conventions across the country. Her revolutionary new series of studies, Download N Go™, are a new kind of learning experience--a combination unit study and lapbook for K - 4th. Studies include history, geography, reading, science, spelling, vocabulary, writing, and art--perfect for repeated use as your children grow!

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