Saturday, September 25, 2010

Check out activities as well as books

I know all library systems are not created equal.  My city, in fact, are serviced by two different systems which allows me to pick and choose. 

For instance, for summer reading, we may keep records for both but we usually attend more activities at library A because, well, they offer more activities (and more prizes!). 

Library B on the other hand, is much more homeschooler friendly during the school year.  In fact, they offer special enrichment classes during the day a few times a month. Another benefit for us is that we actually have two libraries in this system, so we have even more options for days, times and activies.

Take this week for instance, we went Thursday for a presentation on Jackson Pollock.  The librarian then took the kids outside with large pieces of paper and different "tools"  and allowed them to paint "a Pollock."  Today, the same library offered "Mad Science: Music" today which discussed in simple terms the science of music (vibration, pitch, etc.)  The week after next, the other library is having a "fall party" that will include art with leaves and fall colors.  Oh, and last week, we talked about colonial times and made a horn book.

As you can see, some of it's reinforcement and some of it is introduction or exposure to things that I might not normally get to do at home.  So, all this is just to say check out your library for some free, educational fun!

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