Saturday, October 2, 2010

Columbus Day

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine sent out their "Teacher's Toolbox" with resources about Columbus Day.  I thought I'd share them here.

The History Channel has a series of video excerpts from its programs on Columbus, including historical re-creations. Click on the thumbnail images on the right.

How Stuff Works also has many short videos about Columbus.

Here's a story and quiz page from about Columbus.

Test your knowledge about Columbus in this game.

Help Christopher Columbus make it to his destination with these mazes.

Lots of fact and coloring pages can be found at

Older students can read an entire book online about Christopher Columbus.

Learn about the history of Christopher Columbus.

Read about the history of Columbus Day from

Get hands-on with this fun craft.

Design your own crossword puzzle or use specific suggestions.

Use this wordsearch to help students learn important words about Christopher Columbus.

Sing out loud with these words sung to familiar tunes from

Think you have enough drama in your day? Not like this! has some fun plays about Christopher Columbus.

Cook up a good lesson with these time-appropriate recipes from

While the older kids are reading, use these coloring pages to keep the little ones occupied.

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