Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I will confess it.  We are one "those" Christians.  You know, the ones that so "fanatical" that we don't participate in Halloween. 

Both my husband and I participated in Halloween when we were children and even after we became Christians in our teens.  Eventually, however, we found out the details of Halloween's origins.  After that, we could no longer participate.  We did eventually feel that we could take advantage of the world knocking on our door by passing out tracts with candy.

David L. Brown wrote many different articles concerning the origins and practices of Halloween.

One of his articles I found online is quite extensive, so I'll give a "teaser" here and then provide the link to the whole article.

INTRODUCTION TO -- THE DARK SIDE OF HALLOWEEN What's going on? The sidewalks are swarming with excited children masquerading as every imaginable creature and character. There is Batman and the Joker, Wonder Woman, witches, devils, ghosts, skeletons and even razor fingered mass murderer Freddy Krueger. These children are going door to door shouting "Trick or Treat," hoping to collect a "ton" of candy before the night is over.

Take a look at the houses the children are going up to. They are strange, too! Eerie grinning Jack-O-Lanterns watch as the children approach. Skeletons, witches, black cats and more decorate the doors and windows.

Oh yes, don't miss the "haunted house" downtown. You'll be able to find it by the long line and the strange sounds coming out of the old mansion. Likely you will find a group of kids talking about what they've just seen inside... the bloody body in the bathroom, the axe wielding maniac that chased them, the body hanging by the neck in the closet, and the bubbling pot in the kitchen filled with body parts.

Then, across town there's a party going on at a friend's house or perhaps at school. The activities are different than the usual party though. Someone is telling fortunes. Perhaps a group is playing with the OUIJA board and there is going to be a seance right after they watch the newly released horror video.

By now you have guessed what is going on. It's HALLOWEEN. To most people it seems like harmless fun. BUT, beneath Halloween's candy coating is a history of diabolical evil, evil that is directly connected to the occult and Satanism, evil that you need to be warned of!

Click here for the entire article.

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