Friday, September 30, 2011

Are you Exhausted, Irritable, and Overwhemed?

reader sleeping
I actually did fall asleep reading
to my daughter last week!!
There was a hilarious movie back in the 70s in which the vixen lamented in her best Marlene Dietrich voice,

"...I'm tired. Tired of playing the game.  Ain't it a crying shame?  I'm tired..."

The whole thing is hysterical!!

But when you really feel that way...not so hilarious.  I know from personal experience and even my friends deal with it sometimes, as well.

So, I was excited when I found out my Gabby Mom review this month was a new video by Lorrie Flem entitled, "From Exhausted, Irritable, and Overwhelmed to an Energized and Fulfilled Woman of God."  It's a new resource from Eternal Encouragement.

Now that's an extreme makeover I need!

I figured it would be fun to share it with another mom who is in the trenches with me, so I invited a friend. 

The video is an hour long and FULL of meat.  Of course, it took us about 3 hours to watch it thanks to getting some cheesecake, children going in and out, making the speakers work, getting more cheesecake, and actually taking breaks to talk about what Lorrie just said.  I actually think it was beneficial to take breaks because there was so much information covered.

So, don't get exhausted while watching the video.  Take a break or two.

Now, if I attempted to share everything from this hour long video, it might make you feel overwhelmed, so I won't do that.  Lorrie takes you step-by-practical-step to find REAL REST.  The video comes with a viewers guide which also makes it easier to keep track of the steps Lorrie shares.
old style tv set clip art
Usually, my reviews for Gabby Moms is all positive, but I do have a little warning.  I want to warn you so it doesn't make you irritable.

First of all, Lorrie has a heart for hope and encouragement.  That's why her ministry is called Eternal Encouragement.  She has sooooo many resources for so many of our day-in-day-out challenges and growth issues, and she wants to share that help and encouragement with us.

For that reason, throughout the video, Lorrie mentions other resources she has.  Her reasons are to help, but it kind of comes across a little "commercial-ly" and distracting.  But please remember, Lorrie is only trying to point out that Eternal Encouragement has resources that will help in many of the challenges we face.

My friend and I really enjoyed our afternoon with Lorrie Flem.  If you want some help in changing from "exhausted, irritable, and overwhelmed" to "an energized & fulfilled woman of God," just click HERE.  It's $19.97.

Watch it by yourself or grab a friend and enjoy fellowship with each other around the Word.  Cheesecake optional!

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.


Cindy said...

loved how you interwove the key words! Brilliant!

Agree with you about the 'commercial' breaks ;)

Betsy Price said...

Thanks for stopping in, Cindy! I've missed you. Thanks for your comments, too!

Michelle said...

Hi Betsy! I agree with you about the promotions of the other products. Only I didn't really see it as something that could be annoying just because I already know she has lots of products. But maybe for the first time user, it may either be annoying or informative.

Great and creative review, as usual!

Carie said...

I love how you made it kinda like a "Bible study" with friends. Great idea! Nice review!

Betsy Price said...

Hi Michelle and Carie! Thanks for commenting!

Yes, it was great to watch with someone else. Iron sharpens iron!
And yes, Michelle, it was my friend who noticed the "commercials" first. Thankfully, I was here to explain what Lorrie was all about! ;-)

Victoria said...

Great review, as usual. I have fallen asleep while reading to my kids in the past also - more than once. My son can usually tell that its happening when I start to slur my words, so he gives me a poke in the ribs. LOL.

Jenny said...

I love your reviews, Betsy! Where's my cheesecake?

Betsy Price said...

Oh Victoria, thank you!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

Hey Jenny! Cheesecake? I'm still waiting for the chocolate from my birthday! ;-)

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