Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Elisabeth Elliot on children and more

Last week, Revive Our Hearts with Nance Leigh DeMoss started a three day series with Elisabeth Elliot.  That godly woman shared many insights, of course, including the topics of being a wife, godly parenting, and just walking by faith.  I will link to all the days for your convenience.  It's not going to be wasted time as you can tell by quotes I copied.

Day One:  Read or Listen HERE
For parents to allow their children to be in control and not to lovingly make the children understand that the parents are the ones who have been given by God this responsibility, it creates a view of God that means we can run God.

Day Two: Read or Listen HERE
You’ve got to remember, whomever you marry, he’s a sinner. There isn’t anything else to marry.
Day Three: Read or Listen HERE
 I think older women not only have a tremendous privilege, but a very great responsibility to talk to younger women, to try to help them realize what a blessing it is that they are that age, and then to testify to them what a blessing it is to be this age.

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